Transition Planning – School to Work

All students with disabilities must operate under an Individualized Education Plan (“IEP”), which must include a Transition Planning Form by the time the student turns 16 years of age, in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”)4. IDEA states that appropriate educational and transitional services are guaranteed, a school based TEAM that includes the parents and the student develops the IEP, and is a “results oriented” process. We care about the outcome for the student.

In order to get the best outcome, the TEAM must review the student’s strengths and preferences and it must have an action plan that discusses instruction, related services, community experiences, employment, daily living skills and functional vocational evaluations. Many times we see a Transition Planning Form that merely repeats the same goals listed in the IEP. This does not really satisfy the law. Transition goals are separate from IEP goals because they look at more than just the educational process.

This is when a parent’s and student’s vision statement, which is a required part of the IEP, becomes very important. A student may state that they want to be a professional baseball player. Well, not all of us has a skill set to be a professional athlete. But there are ways to include the love of baseball into this student’s life and employment plans. Perhaps the student can volunteer for the local team, or maybe he can work at a sports store or a stadium. Once you have the vision, mapping out the process through individualized assessments and an action plan becomes a little easier.

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4 20 U.S.C. Sections 1400-1485 (also known as P.L. 94-142).