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Total Counselor Audio Files

Annette Hines was a guest on the Total Counselor show with Allen Margulis on September 18, 2018. Take a listen to the audio files as Annette talks about the vast and important topic of Special Needs Trusts!

    Special Needs Law Group – Webinar Series – Coming Soon!

    Watch Annette Hines as she presents her first ever webinar series! Check back often to see what’s new!


    Whitepapers & Estate Planning Resources

    • Saving for College - a three part series:
      • Saving for College Part 1 - What can influence how and in whose name it makes sense to save money for college? The Kiddie Tax and how college need-based financial aid treats assets depending upon who the owner is.
      • Saving for College Part 2 - 529 Plans: how are they treated as assets and how distributions are handled.
      • Saving for College Part 3 - How a combination of 529 Plans and Trusts might be the right approach for some.
    • Special Needs Advocacy Toolkit
      The Massachusetts chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys has proudly produced this Special Needs Advocacy Toolkit for our community. Annette Hines was co-chair of this project and a contributor to the booklet. Annette says, “This toolkit is the first of its kind for people with special needs and their community. It’s very exciting to be part of such a great project!”
    • 2018 Massachusetts Olmstead Plan
      This document was just released by the Commonwealth and highlights the progress that we’ve made over the last ten years and how far we still need to go in affordable housing and community-based long-term services and supports. Let's work together to continue the progress we've made and create innovative programs and supports that promote awareness, employment, community living opportunities, and increased access.
    • Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly
      Memorandum and order deny defendants' motions to dismiss or to strike class allegations and to report the matter.
    • ABLE Account Tax Law Changes
      The new tax law signed by President Trump last month made some improvements to ABLE accounts, but also set up a potentially devastating pitfall for the unwary.
    • Consortium For Citizens With Disabilities
      Download this letter regarding the ABLE to Work Act for information on how this pending legislation may affect individuals with disabilities and how they may contribute to their ABLE accounts.
    • Final Tax Bill Expands Medical Expense Deduction
      For tax years 2017-2018, all families whose medical expenses exceed 7.5% of their adjusted gross income will have the option of deducting certain medical expenses. How will the new tax bill affect you?
    • Worker’s Compensation Could Affect Your SSDI Benefits
      Did you know the Social Security Administration imposes caps on SSDI payments for individuals who receive both types of benefits?