Advocacy & Care Management

What is Advocacy and Care Management?

Advocacy and Care Management is a continuum of services and oversight to make sure your loved one with disabilities has a voice and is cared for. These services may be helpful as supports for you in your role as primary advocate and/or care manager for your child with special needs. Alternatively, we may be engaged as the primary advocates and care managers, for example, by the trustee of your child’s special needs trust after you have passed away or can no longer do the job.

Advocacy means a broad range of legal and non-legal matters. From a legal perspective, it can mean litigation against state or federal agencies denying benefits your loved one is entitled to; the art of persuasion with other state agencies who could provide services for your child but are not obligated to; or helping you from behind the scenes to understand how to work with your child’s school district to get the IEP you need.

From a non-legal perspective, care management can mean our staff social workers or nurses visiting your child where they live, participating in care planning meetings, assessing a difficult social or behavioral issue and recommending solutions, or determining that additional outside services could benefit your child and engaging those services, as well as arranging for your child’s trust to pay.

Often the legal and non-legal matters are both in play: for example, in assessing deficiencies in your child’s residential setting and asserting your child’s right to be treated in proper ways by staff of private agencies or residences that contract with the state.

If the advocacy role we are engaged to perform is on an ongoing basis, it also means being proactive by envisioning what changes or additions in equipment, services, or activities could enhance and enrich your loved one’s life.

And it always means listening to the person with disabilities.

Introducing Our Advocacy and Care Management Team

At Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts, our Advocacy Team includes expert attorneys with experience with litigation and negotiation with federal and state agencies, residents’ rights (both nursing homes and non-institutional settings), and even a former director of an assisted living facility.

Our Advocacy Team also includes our Care Managers – a licensed clinical social worker and a registered nurse – who are supervised by an attorney on the Advocacy Team. 

How We Serve Families

Care Management & Support for the Individual

Providing personalized guidance with problem-solving, decision making, budgeting, and goal setting.

Navigation of Family Dynamics

Collaborating directly with an individual and his or her loved ones to assist with things like visits and communication.

Setting Flexibility

Creating a plan and supporting individuals in any variety of living situations including group homes, facilities, assisted living, or on their own.

Assistance with Public Benefits

Applying for and coordinating public benefits such as Social Security, MassHealth, SNAP, DDS, DMH and housing benefits, to name a few.

Advocacy & Planning

Working alongside an individual and their loved ones to assist with self-advocacy, planning for long-term goals, and connecting with the available public and private services.

At Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts, we are a committed team of attorney, social worker, and nurse advocates who provide compassionate legal and other advocacy and care management for families throughout Massachusetts with loved ones who have special needs.

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