We recognize that our prospective clients, current clients, beneficiaries and their families may be more anxious than usual. COVID-19 is impacting our special needs community more profoundly than any other. Not only do we need to worry about the virus itself, but also the devastating impact of the loss of community services and supports that our individuals and their families count on daily for survival.

For example, an adult with autism my heavily rely on the routines of their daily program and suffer setbacks without those routines. A child with physical challenges may not receive much needed physical and occupational therapy if they are not attending school and not only will this possibly end up in regression of skills, it could actually be a source of physical pain and discomfort.

If an adult or child requires personal care attendants or nursing and family members must step in around the clock when providers can’t come or aren’t available, it could be exhausting and dangerous. What if there aren’t family members? Who will provide the care then?

I personally know this scenario.

I’ve lived through it when I’ve had to do three or four awake overnights a week with my daughter Elizabeth and then go to work the next day and be a thinking, functional person. It can get to be dangerous in a very short period of time to both the caregiver and the receiver.

We understand that as your attorneys, your advocates and your trustees, there is a limit to what we can do for you during these unusual times, but we are open for business and we are here for you! We will use our experience and expertise to guide you and help you navigate the complexities of the new challenges you are facing, but most of all we will do our best to listen and help where we can.

We are committed to serving you with the same exceptional quality of service as we always do.

We can work at the office and remotely.

None of our employees are currently sick with COVID-19.

Anyone who becomes sick or who has a sick family member will stay home. We have set protocols in place for those contingencies.

We are continuing to communicate and meet with folks. We are available to meet in person, by video and by telephone, but we prefer to do everything electronically at this point. Please call our office to discuss the options available at this time.

We are available to meet or speak with clients outside of the usual office hours, thus minimizing the number of people present when clients are present.

We understand that this is a time when you may need us more, not less, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help! Our best wishes, from our family to yours.