At Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts, we’re celebrating 10 years of service in the disability community as a law firm solely dedicated to offering specialized legal services to families with disabilities.  The creation of our law group in July 2012 was based on our founder, Annette Hines’ desire to provide the advice and counsel that were not available when her daughter Elizabeth was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease in 1998. Born as a 29-week-old, 2 pound preemie in 1996, Elizabeth was ravaged by the disease in all of her bodily systems. She was medically complex and a wheelchair user who was both blind and nonverbal, and unfortunately, she passed away in 2013 at the age of 17. Hines shares Elizabeth’s story in her memoir Butterflies and Second Chances and in several podcast episodes like Remembering Elizabeth and the Joyful Moments.  Elizabeth’s story and legacy provided the inspiration for Hines to establish her law firm and additional services.  Today Hines uses her grief and joy to fuel her mission of creating an army of advocates, well-informed family, and community members that are going to advance the disability community.

5 Reasons to Celebrate

This September, Special Needs Companies, which now encompasses both Special Needs Law Group and Special Needs Family Services, celebrates the major accomplishments of Hines and her tireless support and advocacy to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Our list includes:

  1. Ten years of service at Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts
  2. Three years of producing the Parenting Impossible-The Special Needs Survival Podcast, which was launched in September 2019 to advance more information and knowledge and sharing in the disability community
  3. Three years of our private Facebook group, Circle of Care that supports special needs individuals, parents, caretakers, teachers, and advocates
  4. Two years of service at Special Needs Family Services, which acts as a fiduciary and advocate in many ways to help people in the disability community
  5. A brand-new online Special Needs Transition Planning Masterclass and Coaching Program which starts Wednesday, September 14

Supporting Our Partners in the Disability Community

In honor of our 10 years, Special Needs Companies is supporting a number of incredible partners in the disability community with financial donations for events in September and October.