SCOOT over, Uber and Lyft


A Chicago area nonprofit – New Star – is working on developing a ridesharing service and phone app (like Uber and Lyft) that is focused on the needs of those with disabilities. They expect to make the app/service – called SCOOT (Stronger Communities through Open and Organized Transportation) – available in the Spring of 2019.

Drivers will be specifically trained in working with people with disabilities, and will have varying types of vehicles specially equipped to transport them, such as vans with a lift that can accommodate a wheelchair. So far about 25 drivers have been recruited for training and background checks.

Riders will be able see on the app what training the driver has, and the date of the most recent background check.

Presumably the initial rollout will be in the Chicago area. However, the development effort is being partially funded by the Northeast Arc here in Massachusetts, so if the venture is successful, perhaps the Commonwealth will be one of the earlier areas of expansion. Cross your fingers!


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