May 22, 2018

I watch little television, but one show that Annette and I have enjoyed recently is “Speechless.” It is a half-hour comedy (but not a ridiculous comedy; rather, one well grounded in reality). The main character (JJ) is a high-school student with cerebral palsy, played by Micah Fowler, who in fact has CP. JJ is non-verbal (hence “Speechless,”), and lives with his parents (Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie (Kripke on The Big Bang Theory)), brother, and sister, and spends a lot of time with his aide, Kenneth.

The show does a nice job portraying some of the reality, joys, heartaches, difficulties, and typicalness of the family, but with poignancy, grace, and laughter … sometimes bust-your-gut laughter. It really is one of the most entertaining shows on television today.

So the news is that ABC just renewed the show for its third season! Season 3, which will comprise 22 episodes, begins in the Fall of 2018, and is scheduled for Friday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. We highly recommend it.

Posted by Attorney Mark Worthington.

(My apologies to everyone. Our last blog post was nearly a month ago, when I promised an intermittent series (in and amongst ephemeral news) on incapacity planning. In the interim, I came down with some severe back pain (better now with physical therapy) and finishing grading three courses at Western New England University Law School. But I’m back now.)

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